1.Pupils shall be punctual .They must take seats in their classes immediately after the warning bell. When the second bell goes all pupils should assemble in the school, quardrangle in order and in silence. After the assembly they should go to their classes in perfect order.

2.Pupils are to talk in English in the classroom and in the school campus. They must use English for ordinary conversation.

3.The school authorities will not be responsible for any child who disappear or run away from the school premises without permission.During intervals and play time the pupils should not go out of the school premises.

4.Pupils are not allowed to wear any jewellery or to bring any valuable article to the school.

5.Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexpected absence for more than seven days, habitual illness, disobedience or objectionable influence justified dismissal.

6.Students are strictly forbidden to write or scribble on walls, desk etc., or to throw paper or spill ink around the classroom or to cause damage to the school property in any other way. Damage should be compensated for.

7.The Principal has the right to request the withdrawal of any pupil whose behaviour or progress in his opinion is unsatisfactory.

8.Examination cannot be deferred nor can they be anticipated to suit individual convenience. No re-examination will be conducted in any subject.

9.No visitor will be permitted to see any teacher or student during the class hours.

10.Students shall daily bring their handbook to the school, those who do not bring it shall be fined.

11.Admission fee once paid is not refundable.

12.If fees are not paid for over two months, the students are liable to be kept out of the classes. If fees are not paid for six months, the students name will be struck of the register.

13.The school will not be responsible for the loss of cash sent through the students.

14.Children are forbidden to bring sharp objects.

15.Parents and guardians have to co-operate with the authorities of the school for enforcing regularity and discipline and for promoting the intellectual and cultural developments of the children. They should everyday supervise and check their child’s homework. Report on conduct and progresses are issued after each examination. Parents should see that these reports are brought to them. They must check and take correct measures.

16.No school business will be transacted on holidays.

17.All the students should come to the school in full uniform.