We, Congregation of Sisters of Charity, after the guidance and inspiration of our founder, Servant of God, Fr.A.J.Ukken. accept by educating the mind to become God’s children with responsibility, patriotism, religious harmony, universal brotherhood and the power of discernment , we gave them the training to get incorporated in the community in which they live.

Through education we give training for the growth of truth and love in the people foster moral values with a right conscience and to embrace them personally.

The ultimate aim of our educational institution is to mould the student to have perfect mindset and mind formation which in turn become a morally upright personality to face the modern challenges of the modern society along with its cultural heritage.

Our institution is open to all students irrespective of cast and creed. Being administered and established by and for a minority community based on religion will have the preference to Christians and for the growth to fullness of Christ by living in justice and real holiness.

In the educational field what we have to take care of is the welfare of the poor who have not received even elementary education and have been neglected by the society. For the fulfillment this we, CSC Education Society whole heartedly invite students, parents and teachers to be a part of our charism.