Sanjo Convent Senior Secondary School (CBSE), Gondpipri, Chandrapur(M.S) is run by CSC (Congregation of Sisters of Charity) Education Society after the guidance and inspiration from its founder, Servant of God, Fr.A.J.Ukken.

The Congregation of Sisters of Charity has its aim the offering of a holocaust on the altar of self sacrifice to see Christ in poor and the poor in Christ by making our own life full of kindness and compassion and a life that is humble and meek. This would create in us a service as low as becoming a servant and a love as high as dying on the cross. Such love and service enable us to become one with Christ.

It was spirit of service full of kindness and compassion overflowing from the intense love of God to Rev. Fr. A.J. Ukken, a venerable and dynamic priest of the diocese of Trichur, Kerala, that planted the Congregation of Sisters of Charity .Right from the days of its start, founder Fr. A.J.Ukken has taken necessary steps in the field of education, the elementary education especially for the poor and down trodden of the society.

Sanjo Convent School is a Christian minority school and has contributed a great deal since 1996 in meeting the education needs of the children especially of Gondpipri.Together with academic excellence the commendable activities carred out by the institution has indeed keeps good standards to the complete satisfaction of the students as well as their parents .The present Sanjo Convent Senior Secondary School is the fruit of the dedicated yeomen service of the management and staff .At present Sr. Tressa Martin CSC, Sr.Sajiha CSC, Sr. Mercitta CSC and Sr. Ancy Ukken CSC are the management along with the staff leading the school to the greater heights .It has set a record of scholastic and co-scholastic excellence, discipline and value based education.

To increase the competitiveness among the students of modern era, CSC Educational Society started CBSE syllabus from the year 2010-11 right from the pre-primary level to +2 stage. The reformed products of Sanjo Convent Senior Secondary School, Yes the ‘SANJOVIANS’ will confidently tread on the true path of Charity, Sacrifice and Service.