Welcome to Sanjo Convent School

Sanjo Convent Senior Secondary School, established in 1996 and run by Congregation of Sisters of Charity, is affiliated to CBSE. It is a Christian Minority Institution. Our founder Late. Rev. Fr.Ukken was a great visionary and a pioneer in the field of education. He is Servant of God and a torchbearer of modern education, who strongly believed that education is not only teaching but instilling in the minds of the students a sense of responsibility, patriotism, religious harmony, power of discernment and inclusivity in a plural society.

Guided and enlightened by this great visionary, Sanjo from the day of inception is in a growth trajectory. Its unsurpassed legacy has brought to its credit many accolades. Testimony of its success is the increase in flocking in of students from far and near year by year.

A new era has ushered in – an era of hopes and excessive competitions. We at Sanjo is imparting an education totally keeping in mind the overall development of students both physically and mentally, clearly giving more edge to co-curricular and co-scholastic areas as well as morality. Ultimately empowering them to face the world without fear and grab the opportunities.

Another shot in the arm is the separate state-of-the-art laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Also we have a good library where we have arrayed a great number of invaluable books of all time – from classics to modern; and an ardent reader can really make a voyage in the world of books.

Continuous arming up is our mantra to keep up the pace with the changing world scenario.


Our Founder

Fr. Augustine John Ukken

Servant of God, Fr. A.J. Ukken was born on 19th December, 1880as the second son of Anthappan Punnamparambil Ukken and Annamma Chalakkal. He was ordained on 21st December 1907. He realized that he was an ordained priest and sent to world to continue the prophetic mission of Jesus in the world and that like the patriarchs and prophets. His own call was for the integral liberation of the community.

Fr. A.J. Ukken, founder of CSC (Congregation of Sisters of Charity), our torch bearer and true guide has a great forsighted personality. He could forsees the challenges of the era and made his own strategies wraped in Gospel Values and Practiced it for the betterment of the society.

Servant of God, Fr. A.j. Ukken intercede for us.